"Others Before Us"

Say “No” to the Homeless Housing Proj...

By: Niki Brunson, Historic Springfield Resident, historic Eastside Entrepreneur, and Community Actionist Recently, Chef Love and I attended a Community Meeting at the Springfield Women’s Club regarding Ability Housing’s answer to the “call to action” regarding homelessness in the Urban Core. Thank you SPAR for proactively and aggressively rea [...]

Chess 4 A Cause A Success!

The North Florida Chapter once again has established itself as the premier organization in E3. The group held the first Chess 4 A Cause tournament and raised awareness and funds for 6 causes bringing together 10 “Champions” who represented local and national organizations. The event was inspired by a conversation with local leader [...]

E3 Opens Entrepreneur Training To Pub...

E3 Opens Entrepreneur Training To Public The North Florida Chapter of the E3 Business Group, Inc. (www.e3businessgroup.org) will be the first to offer its So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur course to the public. The five week course, which is the title course of the SYWTBE Professional Development Series, has been lauded nationally as one of the most innovative and impactful training [...]

E3 Summer Workshops Begin

E3 Summer Workshops Begin Entrepreneurs around the city now have an opportunity to get some of the knowledge available to E3 members. Beginning in June Executive Director Anthony M. Butler, Sr. will be sharing his expertise and knowledge on developing strong sponsorship packages and the concepts behind securing partners. The first workshop is set for Friday, June 20, [...]

Florida Gospel Legends Partners with ...

Florida Gospel Legends Partners with E3-NFC The 6th Annual Awards will be supported this year by the North Florida Chapter. Special pricing and preferred seating has been created for members, their family and friends. “We have many people of faith in E3.” comments Anthony Butler, Sr. National Executive Director. “Giving them a chance to attend such a prestigious event [...]

Help 100 million working poor America...

Help 100 million working poor Americans by teaching kids about money One in three Americans is living in poverty and this isn’t even counting the bums on the street because the homeless aren’t even counted. The working poor is swallowing up the middle class. It consists of 100 million Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck and who would be thrown into financial peril with one missed paychec [...]

Planting Both Feet In Front of You

Planting Both Feet In Front of You This topic might sound a bit strange, but it’s definitely relevant. What do you mean by, “Plant both feet in front of you?” Planting both feet in front of you is all about getting present in the moment. I have found that the challenge with resting in the moment is rooted in regret and anxiety. It’s one extreme or the [...]

Every Life Matters, Right?

Every Life Matters, Right? By: Niki N Brunson, Community Actionist, Business Owner, Lifelong Resident of Jacksonville, FL, Victim of Neighborhood Violence and Apathy At the end of Black History Month 2014, I decided to celebrate by writing a report on my own Black Local History.  My family settled here after the turn of the century.  When I published my report on the E [...]

3-30-300 Announced!

3-30-300 Announced! At 8:45am March 14, 2014 an historic announcement was quietly made to a group of professionals, students, and entrepreneurs in the auditorium of the Neumours Children Center… 3-30-300 Initiative has begun! The economic development engine which is rooted in social and community revitalization was outlined before the Healthy Jacksonville [...]

March 2014, E3preneur News You Can Us...

March 2014, E3preneur News You Can Use. E3 Business Group, Inc E3 Member Spotlight #‎TwistedWritersTouch‬ is proud to acknowledge an amazing Chef! She is a very gifted and talented culinary specialist! I dare you to trust your taste pallet to her!! Meet Sonja ChefLove Jones. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on FriendFeed Buzz it up Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Shar [...]