"Others Before Us"

Planting Both Feet In Front of You

Planting Both Feet In Front of You This topic might sound a bit strange, but it’s definitely relevant. What do you mean by, “Plant both feet in front of you?” Planting both feet in front of you is all about getting present in the moment. I have found that the challenge with resting in the moment is rooted in regret and anxiety. It’s one extreme or the [...]

Every Life Matters, Right?

Every Life Matters, Right? By: Niki N Brunson, Community Actionist, Business Owner, Lifelong Resident of Jacksonville, FL, Victim of Neighborhood Violence and Apathy At the end of Black History Month 2014, I decided to celebrate by writing a report on my own Black Local History.  My family settled here after the turn of the century.  When I published my report on the E [...]

3-30-300 Announced!

3-30-300 Announced! At 8:45am March 14, 2014 an historic announcement was quietly made to a group of professionals, students, and entrepreneurs in the auditorium of the Neumours Children Center… 3-30-300 Initiative has begun! The economic development engine which is rooted in social and community revitalization was outlined before the Healthy Jacksonville [...]

March 2014, E3preneur News You Can Us...

March 2014, E3preneur News You Can Use. E3 Business Group, Inc E3 Member Spotlight #‎TwistedWritersTouch‬ is proud to acknowledge an amazing Chef! She is a very gifted and talented culinary specialist! I dare you to trust your taste pallet to her!! Meet Sonja ChefLove Jones. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on FriendFeed Buzz it up Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Shar [...]

Race Blending… Done – Nex...

Race Blending… Done – Next Econonics? –Lifelong Resident, Small Business Owner, Community Engagement Activist As we come to the close of Black History month, I would like to take some time to recognize the rich history we have in Jacksonville, FL and the people who work daily and passionately to keep it alive. I had the pleasure of speaking with Rodney Hurst at Artwalk in t [...]

Feb 2014, E3preneur News You Can Use!...

Feb 2014, E3preneur News You Can Use! E3 Business Group, Inc It is my pleasure to announce the E3 Member’s Spotlight Newsletter for February’s 2014  MOB Fest featuring Celebs Corner Kitchen located in Jacksonville, FL. March’s 2014 MOB Fest E3 Members Spotlight Newsletter will feature Sonja ChefLove Jones. For more information on #TwistedWritersTouch visit us on Facebook: https://www [...]

Life Coaching Works for Me

Life Coaching Works for Me Coach J Dianne Tribble,Professional Certified Life Coach Five years ago I was officially introduced to Life Coaching. A recently retired co-worker and I met for lunch to catch up on current events with each other. During our fun filled time together, I asked her, “What are you doing with yourself now that you’re retired?” She shared with me t [...]

James Weldon Johnson selected for Flo...

James Weldon Johnson Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced the selection of Dr. Robert Hayling, James Weldon Johnson, and Asa Phillip Randolph to the Florida Civil Rights Hall of Fame. Governor Scott chose these three individuals from a group of six nominees selected by the Florida Commission on Human Relations. They were selected for their [...]

Remember the Times Tour

Remember the Times Tour Black History is Everyone’s History! Did your grandparents ever tell you stories about their childhood in Jacksonville that fascinated you? Were you intrigued by your aunts and uncles reliving their exploits on Ashley Street, going to watch movies at the Ritz or dressing up to “go downtown”? Or better yet, do YOU have stor [...]

Practicing Self Discipline and WillPo...

When you practice self-discipline and will power in the acceptance of responsibility, you take complete control of your thoughts and feelings, and become a more effective, happy and positive person in everything you do -Brian Tracy These words from Brian Tracy made me stop and ask myself, “am I practicing self discipline and will power [...]